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Willow Workshop at Blacksmiths Cottage - Nests - 18/4/2019

SalixArts Willow Workshop
Thursday 18th April 2019, 10am - 5pm, £85

This is the first time I've offered a workshop making these gorgeous nests. nest hipstamaticThey're beautiful to display any time of year, but this course is just in time for Easter..... they make great presents, and stunning table decorations (and are especially good filled with tiny chocolate eggs!)

The workshop is suitable for all levels of experience, and you can expect to make several small nests in a day, unless you get particularly stuck in the detail !

We will be using a variety of weaving materials including weeping silver birch and fine willow. There will be plenty of materials provided to line your nests, but this is a great workshop for people who like hunting and hoarding natural materials - an ideal opportunity to find and use moss, feathers, fluffy seed heads .... and all sorts of things work well.... I have even made a nest from beach detritus - plastic netting, seaweed and rope! If you like the look of it, bring it along and give it a try.

A simple, yumnest2my vegetarian lunch and refreshments are included in the price of £85, but materials are charged for at the end of the workshop depending on how much you actually use - to give you some idea, the materials cost for a small nest would be about £1-2.

For more information or booking please contact Debbie on 07736952730, or

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