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Willow Workshop at Blacksmiths Cottage - 2 day Oval Handbag Baskets - 15 & 16/5/2019

SalixArts Willow Workshop

Oval Handbag Basket Workshop
Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th May 2019, 10am - 5pm, £170

A two day basket course making these unusual oval willow handbags, which have now become my 'signature basket'

These handbag baskets are a design I developed during the second yebas19update08ar of my City and Guilds part 2 course. They have proved very popular and I have made many since. Now, with this much requested workshop, you have the opportunity to make your own.

Although this basket could be attempted by a beginner, I would recommend that to get the most from the workshop, you had already made at least a couple of baskets using the stake and strand method. This in-depth 2 day workshop allows plenty of time to really absorb techniques effectively without rushing.bas19update17

The majority of the techniques used are those of traditional stake and strand basketry, to include: oval continental base, pairing, packing, waling, and rod or trac border. Side weaves may vary and could include (depending on choice and level of ability):  french rand (with single rods or pairs), english rand, zigzag weave. Further decoration may be added using split willow and bark.bas19update45

 I do have some willow / wood handles, and can also supply copper handles. If you wish to use something a little more unusual, such as driftwood, contorted hazel, chunky vine or ivy then please bring your own material for a handle. Something with a pronounced curve tends to work best.

 Simple, yummy vegetarian lunches and refreshments are included in the price of £170, but materials are charged for at the end of the workshop depending on how much you actually use - to give you some idea, the willow cost for a medium handbag would be about £7- £8. If you would like to use copper strips and copper handle that would be an additional £7.

For more information or booking please contact Debbie on 07736952730, or