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Willow Workshop at Blacksmiths Cottage - Frame Baskets and Platters - 17/7/2019

SalixArts Willow Workshop

Frame Baskets and Platters
Wednesday 17th July 2019, 10am - 5pm, £85
- 1 place still available

A one day basket course making platters or frame baskets from locally grown, colourful, organic willow.


Make a basket in a day.... An ideal introduction to the world of willow! This workshop is suitable for all - complete beginners can chose between simple round frame baskets and platters, and those with more experience might like to explore more unusual shapes or go into more depth with frame making techniques, and the subtleties of curves - the shape of the basket you make will be determined by your level of experience.

Participants can expect to complete a small frame basket or complex platter, or two simple platters in a day.The majority of the techniques used are those of traditiplatters - 3 workshop participantsonal stake and strand basketry. Handles can be traditional wrapped willow or wood. I can provide the former, but if you wish to use something a little more unusual, such as driftwood, contorted hazel, chunky vine or ivy then please bring your own material for a handle. Something with a pronounced curve tends to work best.

This year I have a particularly good colour selection, having sourced my willow from a lovely new bed in Waterbeach.

6b0a4233pear platter with pears



Simple, yummy vegetarian lunches and refreshments are included in the price of £85, but materials are charged for at the end of the workshop depending on how much you actually use - to give you some idea, the willow cost for a small frame basket would be about £6- £7, £5 for a platter.

Bed and breakfast at the cottage is now available. Please enquire if you're interested.

For more information or booking please contact Debbie on 07736952730, or - basket and platters collection 1