Jennifer Popiolek - raising money for cancer treatment

Willow dress auction - raising money for Jennifer's cancer treatments

Jennifer Popiolek

This is Jennifer.

Jennifer has colon cancer.
Jennifer is currently doing everything in her power to avoid (her second) life altering surgery that would leave her with a permanant disability.
She is responding well to treatments currently being researched and tested by magnificent and mental pioneers on the grassroots level.

Sadly there is currently no financial or practical support offered for any treatments other than the beloved 'Chemo/surgery combo' so money is increasingly short. Jennifer is hoping to raise around £1000 for another three months treatments.

"Yes. I would risk my life for this. The Cancer treatments being offered to me feel wrong for me and my body on every single level.
We are losing the war against cancer..... so we have to find another way!" Jennifer

To donate please follow the link below

Every little helps!

This is how I'd like to help (and how you can too!)
I want to help by auctioning this willow dress sculpture I made in February from gorgeous colourful new season willow

I will be running a closed bid auction, and you are invited to make your offer to me for the sculpture by email to, or by using the website contact form. All the money from the highest bid will go to Jennifer to help with the cost of her cancer treatments. (I suppose it's really an 'almost' close bid auction, as I will know how much has been bid, but I will be the only one .... and the important bit is that no-one else will know what you've offered, and you won't know what they've offered!)

I will close the auction at midnight on Saturday 20th April 2019 and the successful bidder will be informed by email (unless you provide your phone number).

The sculpture is life size and made from this years harvest of local organically grown willow. If you have any more questions, then please get in touch via either of the methods above, or ring me on 07736952730.

If you know anyone that you think might be interested in bidding for the dress, then please do pass on all this information - we'd be delighted if you share it far and wide!

I look forward to receiving your bids!

If you're not in the the market for a lifesize willow dress, but would like to help with a donation, there is a link to Jennifer's paypal above.

Thank you

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